Fashion Brand Registration

This fashion show serves as a platform to showcase the latest trends and innovations in pet fashion, captivating the hearts of pet lovers and industry professionals alike.. This is an incredible opportunity for global pet fashion designers to showcase their unique creations to a large audience in Vietnam. By participating in this event, designers will have the chance to gain exposure, receive media coverage, and potentially have their outfits purchased by Vietnamese pet owners.

Designer package, included: Make-up Artists, Human & Pet Models, Direct Casting, Runway Production, Catwalk Director, Promotion & Media Supports

Sponsorship Packages

Step into the spotlight and align your brand with the glitz and glamour of the Pet Fashion Show. Choose from our exclusive sponsorship packages to showcase your support for pet fashion, gain premium brand visibility, and connect with a diverse audience of pet enthusiasts and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Types of Packages: Diamond, Platinum, Gold & Silver, starting from $10,000/packages

Casting Call Schedule